We offer two different types of recruitment; direct search and open search / advertisement.


Direct Search

Direct Search entails that our job is to find candidates which match the set job profile, and who have not themselves applied for the position. The candidates are predominantly identified through our own contact networks, in our candidate database, or via internet searches.

Open search and direct search processes are not necessarily excluding the use of the other, in some cases a combination of the different approaches may be a successful strategy in the search for competent candidates who matches the set job profile.

We recommend direct search e.g. in the following situations:

  • When the open position is not possible to announce in public because of some reason, such as competition
  • When few candidates may be viewed as competent for the position
  • When the strive is to reach only a specific group of people

Benefits with direct search:

  • The search reaches people which are not actively looking for jobs themselves
  • Effective use of time
  • Focus on quality


Open Search/Advertisement

An open search refers to the announcement of a job through job advertising. What channels are used depend on the situation and the customer’s wishes.


Second Opinion

Have you reached the final stages of candidate assessments for an open position, but realize that you need more information on the candidates before you are able to decide which final candidate is best matching your needs? We happily support you in this selection by reviewing the job profile, performing candidate assessments, and delivering a qualified decision material to you.


Situational Analysis

Before we start an assessment, recruitment, or development process, we always ensure a qualified understanding of the situation. Together with you we review the situation and current needs, and provide you with proper solutions. Sometimes you may realize that something obviously has to be done, but you are still unsure of what that something could be. Even in these situations it may be beneficial to start out with a situational analysis in order to pinpoint required actions and fully realize them.