My work at A-zeta Consulting offers me the possibility to combine concrete customer projects with my research on talent management and psychological well-being at work. The individual experience during recruitment, assessment and development processes is the core interest of mine, as well as the shaping of HR and TM practices in order to utilise the existing talent within the organization in the best way possible.

I want to help bridge the gap between theory and practice and work as an external resource in HR and TM activities to the customers. My experience is that the relationship to the customer is of special importance in people management issues because of the imbedded sensitivity. I’m able to adopt different perspectives and alternate between a holistic approach and a detail-oriented focus depending on the situation.

Because the work is high-paced, I enjoy slowing down in my spare time. Everything comes down to balance, and therefore I reload my energy, whenever possible, close to the wood and water. When I was younger I played soccer in the Finnish soccer league for women, and exercising is still important to me.