To be part of a change process and identify the potential existing in every organization and individual, that’s what motivates and drives me at work. I have a genuine ambition to support corporations in development processes and I really believe in the projects I’m involved in.

In organizational development and implementation, much comes down to identifying the ‘as-is’, establishing the ‘to-be’ and related objectives, as well as finding concrete and creative solutions in order to get there. This process really catches my interest.

At A-zeta Consulting I combine my previously gained experiences of leadership assignments and business development with my ability to read people, which creates customer value and credibility for us as a consulting firm. Honesty, clarity, and motivation play important parts in the work process.

When I’m not working, I spend much time with my family. I’m also engaged in endurance sports where dedication is an important ingredient. I just completed a Swedish “Superklassiker” (4 different disciplines  long-distance races), which describes my personality quite well – Have I decided to do something, I do it. To give up is never an option.