Leadership Assessments

In leadership assessments, the focus is set on the participants’ current performance in the leadership role and on their future leadership potential. Leadership assessments may function as a fair method in selecting new management team members, or it will support you in the assessment and development of current leaders, and in the identification of potential competence gaps in the management team. The use of leadership assessments may be especially useful in the appointment of a new CEO, in mergers and acquisitions, in reorganizations and in the evaluation of strategic resources as well as in leadership development programs. The aim is usually to provide the participants with insights about their own leadership behaviour, as well as enable personal growth for them by creating development plans, identifying individual leadership potential, strengths, and development areas.

In case several corporate leaders participate in a leadership assessment, the assessment may provide a good overview of the company’s current leadership level and compiled leadership competence, which also tells about the corporate culture and suggests how it may be developed.