Competence Matching

Potential implies that something may develop or become realized in the future. In this context, potential refers to the possessing of competences (e.g. characteristics, motivation, skills, abilities, experiences) for effective performance and contribution in a more demanding, or in other ways different, future role. Everyone has potential to become something, but no one has the potential to become everything – therefore we will have to answer the question potential for what? before we are able to identify who has the potential to perform in a specific situation. Because of this reason, we always make sure that we have got a deep understanding of the role or assignment for which an individual is assessed, before we start with the assessment of the individual. On the basis of the results of the assessment, individual development plans may be shaped in order to support them to reach their full potential. Competence matching is a powerful tool in e.g. succession planning. The aim with competence matching may also be to assess the participants’ performance in their current role.