About us

In 2015, A-zeta Consulting was founded in Pietarsaari, Ostrobothnia. Since spring 2018, we also have an office in Vaasa. Our customers? They exist in many different parts of the world.

In business development, there are many aspects to consider. What should we do to take our business to the next level? What should the business strategy look like? In what way can we develop the organization’s leadership?
We have the answers to these questions.

Our mission is to help you succeed, which we do by combining our multifaceted and international experience with our Ostrobothnian heritage. We are durable, creative, and reliable. And we always have a strong customer-focus.

Some of the areas we are working in are strategic development, growth programs, organizational development, and leadership assessment. We do also have many years of experience in leadership and recruitment.

A good consultant does not force standardised, ‘one-fits-all’ solutions. Rather, a good consultant delivers creative and practical solutions, tailored to the needs of the individual customer.
This is the way we work.

Welcome to contact us when you want to develop your business!