About us

Since A-zeta Consulting was founded in 2015, it supports organizations and people who want to grow and develop. A-zeta Consulting cooperates with various national and international leaders, management teams, and boards of directors. We value our Ostrobothnian heritage, and this is visible in our values and ways of working.

Our goal is to offer high-qualitative recruitment- and development services to both private sector and public sector organizations, internationally but predominantly in the Nordics. Since the start of our business, we have continuously and humbly assessed and updated our own working methods and processes, as we strive to provide our customers with solutions to current and future challenges. The result is well-functioning, evidence-based methods and tools which are perceived as relevant, reliable, and valid of customers, candidates, participants, and ourselves.

Our success springs from the continuous strive to be able to offer services that our customers are asking for, provide candidates and participants who are involved in the processes with a positive experience, and contribute to a stronger economy and industry in Ostrobothnia, and in the long run, in the Nordic countries and worldwide.

Based on our experience and values, we recognize the following to be success factors in our business:

  • Deep knowledge of your business, situation, and needs
  • Qualified search- and assessment processes with valid tools
  • Clear understanding of job profiles and required competences
  • An active and professional contact during the whole process with both employers and candidates

As our customer and cooperation partner you will get:

  • A trustworthy cooperation partner who wants your best
  • Professional consultants with solid knowledge and personal service
  • Reliable results and recommendations thanks to our solid experience, high-level competence, and evidence-based tools