My passion is to constantly learn something new and to develop companies and organizations together with the client. That is why I enjoy my role as a consultant so much. Every client meeting is different, and it is important to be able to listen to the client in order to find out what he or she really needs. Some clients need guidance in order to achieve their goals, while other clients need help to identify the goal. My job is to listen, grasp the information, understand, draw conclusions and summarize, so that the client can make well founded decisions.

Finance and accounting, general management and strategy are my main focus areas. Over the years I have gained experience from multinational companies in the fields of engineering, yachting and the transport industry, but also from smaller, more locally driven family run businesses. This has given me a broad base to stand on in my consulting practice. I serve on numerous corporate boards and lecture frequently.

When I was 11 years od I told my mother: ”I am going to be an inventor when I grow up!”, and that vision has stayed with me throughout my career. I see myself as a creative improviser with an ability to think quickly and see things from different perspectives in order to achieve the best results.

Outside of work i spend my time with my family, sailing, at our summer cottage and engage myself in non-profit organizations.