Together with our customers, we pursue common goals. That’s the best part of my job. My work assignments also entail variation, which is another positive aspect. On the one day, I may be at the office working with strategy development, on the next, I may be working with process development and participate in a manufactory tour.

Listening to the customer is the single most important skill in my job, along with being able to convey a feeling of security to the customer during a change process.

My background includes extensive experience from various industries and managerial positions, which enables me to adopt different perspectives on things as well as to figure out what’s important to the customer and to the organization’s co-workers. I’m ready to learn and turn upside down, if that’s what it takes for the change process to be clarified at a concrete level.

I reload my energy by spending time with people, and by spending time outdoors. I keep both of my feet at the ground, but sometimes I “fly”, especially when I’m outdoors with my family’s dog. He drags everything from car tyres, kick bikes, and sleighs, depending on the time of the year. Much of my spare time is also devoted to act as a supporter and soccer mum for my children.