My career as a consultant started the same day as I submitted my final thesis at Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki. I moved to Stockholm and was immediately thrown in at the deep end – organisational development of big international companies became my new everyday life. The job was demanding and diverse from day one, every day consisted of learning new things, while being expected to deliver results to the customer. Looking back, I am very grateful for that time because early on I got to learn what good consulting work entails. A good consultant will only succeed when the customer succeeds. This is the foundation of the culture at A-zeta.

Working with organisational change and development is what I am passionate about. It took quite a few years of my career before I realized that I cannot be working with maintaining – I am constantly thinking about the next step and the next phase of development. I look for opportunities and is sometimes described as a visionary. I can clearly see this in the company that is A-zeta – from being something we only envisioned in 2015, to 2018 being a successful business with employees, customers and multiple offices. But in the beginning, it was just an idea.

Helping the customer succeed is what I am most passionate about as a consultant, it is also the entire vision of the company – “helping you succeed”.

As a person I am positive, social and solution oriented. I like people and choose to see opportunities instead of challenges. When I am not working my family is the focus. I also read a lot, I always have at least two books underway at the same time. A good counterweight to my work life and an excellent way of getting perspective on life is skateboarding and snowboarding, which is something I have done for almost 30 years. On the board is where I clear my mind, get new energy and some balance in my life.